Typing Skills and Success in Online Courses

This study explored the effects that typing skills had on students in five areas: 

  • Student accomplishment
  • Discussion board activities
  • Time spent in the course
  • Course satisfaction
  • Satisfaction with instructor

Researchers: Janessa Barton, Aaron Ball, Joshua Holt
Completed: Spring 2016

Summary of Methods

801 students, all enrolled in Winter and Spring classes during 2016, volunteered to take an online survey and typing test. 57% of the participants were female and 43% were male. 

Summary of Results

On a course level, no significant patterns were found. On a percentile level, however, findings indicated students with an above-average typing speed (>57 WPM) benefited in GPA, Discussion Board (DB) Replies, and DB Total Reads.

For full results see the final research paper, linked below.

Full Report

More details on the study can be found below:

Project Proposal

Final Research Paper

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