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How Do I Pass a Grade from a Qualtrics Survey to Canvas?


Open the assignment you wish to connect to Qualtrics.

Assignment Settings

Select Edit.

1. Under Submission Type, select External Tool.

2. Select Find.

Click Gradeable External URL.

1. Input the link to the Qualtrics survey.

2. Select Check All.

1. Check Grade Passback and input the desired point value.

2. Copy this link to add to the end of the Qualtrics survey.

3. Click Create Link. (You may optioanlly also select Launch In A New Window).

1. Select Load In A New Tab.

2. Click Select.

Qualtrics Survey

1. Open your Qualtrics Survey to the Survey tab.

2. Beneath the last question, select Survey Termination Options.

1. Select Redirect to a full URL.

2. Paste in the URL copied earlier in Canvas.

Select Save.

Your Canvas/Qualtrics link should now be fully functional. Instruct students to access the survey by following the link in Canvas. Grade passback should occur immediately upon completion of the survey.


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