How do I use OneDrive?

OneDrive is provided to every person with a BYU-Idaho account and email, and unlike previous university storage solutions, can be accessed almost anywhere in the world.

Each user receives 1TB (about 1,000 GB) of storage space.

As of January 2020, the campus Ammon drive is retiring.  Therefore, those who have used their folder in the H:\ drive (Ammon drive) to store and access files will need to utilize another method of storage. Currently, the preferred method of storage is OneDrive, a cloud service that is available to all BYU-Idaho users. Choose from the options below to access help for troubleshooting and use of OneDrive (it is anticipated that the University will soon be able to utilize Google Drive as another option for cloud storage).

Choose an option below

Make sure you are logged into your BYU-Idaho account.

Open your campus email from

Click on Email to open Outlook.

Student | BYU-Idaho's Personalized Access

Click the "waffle" icon in the top left

How do I use OneDrive? | OneDrive | I-Learn Instructor Help Guides

Click on OneDrive from the list of apps.

With OneDrive open, open a file explorer window next to it

The principle for macOS and Windows is the same.

You can drag files directly into OneDrive, or you can also click the Upload button.

Almost all problems with OneDrive come from using the OneDrive app on your computer. It is recommended that OneDrive be used like Google Drive—through the web browser. However, some users desire to use the desktop sync app, and this article will walk through some common fixes.

Check if OneDrive is running

OneDrive is designed to run when you start your computer. However, the application may close at random, or may not properly start. Most problems can be solved by syncing the OneDrive app with your account online.

Follow the steps outlined previously to login to OneDrive. Then, along the top of the page, click on the "Sync" button.

Your browser will then prompt you to open the OneDrive application. Click the "Open Microsoft OneDrive" button to begin the sync.

Most users who desire to use the desktop sync app are using Windows. Once you click the "Open Microsoft OneDrive" button, you should see a small cloud icon appear in the Taskbar (on the bottom-right corner of your main monitor).

You may have to click the arrow to expand the list of icons.

If a window comes up prompting you to sign in, you may have not set up OneDrive before, or you have changed your BYU-Idaho password recently. If you wish to continue the setup of the OneDrive sync app, instead of using OneDrive in the browser, see this IT article:

Congratulations, you are done!


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