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How Do I Manage my Zoom Storage and Free Up Space?

As you use Zoom and record meetings, you may run into issues with storage space. If you run out of space, you can easily transfer your recordings into OneDrive, BYU-Idaho's solution for cloud-based file storage.

OneDrive is not the only file storage system out there, and you may prefer to use Dropbox, Google Drive, or another solution. This article only provides instructions for OneDrive because OneDrive is the system supported by BYU-Idaho (as of January 2020.)  

Dropbox help can be found here: 

Google Drive help can be found here:

Find and manage your Zoom recordings

Locating Zoom meeting recordings is a quick and simple process. You can find detailed instructions here: How to Record a Meeting in Zoom and Insert the Recording in Canvas? Once you've read the article, you should be able to get to Cloud Recordings (pictured below) and view a list of your recordings. You should also know how to download recording files; if you're not sure of that process, review the article again.

Once you've selected the files you'd like to keep and downloaded copies of them, you can begin to free up space. Please note that you must download your files before you clear out space. Once these files are deleted, they are not recoverable. You can either select which videos to remove, or remove all of them at once.

You can click the checkboxes next to a video to mark it for deletion (1 above.) You can then delete these checked videos by clicking Delete Selected (2 above.)  You can delete all videos by clicking Delete All, marked in red.

Add downloaded files to OneDrive

Start by opening your BYU-Idaho email. Once you load into Outlook, your screen will have a nine-dot button to the left of the word Outlook:

Click on this button to access your Microsoft services. One of the options will be OneDrive- click on this to open OneDrive.

Mail - Hansen, Joseph - Outlook

Once in OneDrive, you can click Upload, then click Files to open the file selection dialog.

Documents - OneDrive

You can then navigate to your downloaded Zoom recordings and upload them safely here.


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