About Core Processes

Core processes are procedures that are central to the Online Organization. They meet the following requirements:

  • Have high risk and serious consequences should failure occur
  • Require coordination or visibility across departments, teams, or other CES units
  • May require resources from other teams, departments, or CES units

New core processes or changes to existing processes require approval from OLC.

How are Core Processes developed and approved?

Steven Willis, the planning and coordination manager, oversees the creation of core process workflows.  His responsibilities are as follows: 

  • Consult with involved or impacted individuals to design, document, and improve processes. These individuals are identified as "Consulted" in the "About this article" section of the process article.
  • Establish and monitor any applicable metrics for the health of the processes
  • Inform impacted groups of changes to processes through line management. These individuals are identified as "Informed" in the "About this article" section of the process article.

All new and updated Core Processes are placed on the Change Workflow for OLC approval before publication.

What if the process isn't working well?

Gaining the perspective of people actually doing the work is a core principle of continuous improvement. If you see an opportunity for improvement in a process, it is critical that you discuss your ideas with Steve Willis. He will bring together individuals on the "Consulted" list to address the issue and improve the process.

Our processes will quickly become outdated and stagnant if we are not all actively engaged in fixing things that aren't working. As such, each of us should take an active role in improving our processes and documentation.

About this article

Responsible: Planning and Coordination Manager (Steve Willis)

Accountable: OLC

Consulted: OLC, Organizational Learning Strategist (Emily Hermann)

Informed: All departments within Online Learning, Organizational Learning Team

Sharing: Unrestricted


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