Pathway Worldwide Directory

Gilbert Clark 801-353-1450 President
Ashton Brian -- Vice President of Field Operations
Camargo Milton 801-353-1343 Vice President of Curriculum
Griffith J.D. 801-353-1451 Vice President of Administration
Linford Jon 208-496-1123 BYU-Idaho Online Vice President
Packer Ben 801-353-3299 Vice President of Student Success
Stewart Marc 801-353-1452 Budget Officer
Adams Jacob 801-353-3389 Student Success Analyst
Adams Nathanael 801-353-1466 Area Manager
Adams Steve 208-496-1891 Domestic Online Programs Director
Anderson Lynne 801-353-3922 Director of Student Services
Bagley Hilary 801-240-7139 Enrollment Services Specialist
Briones Joenee 801-353-1469 Area Manager
Briones Keilani 801-353-1205 Mentor Development Coordinator
Burrell Alyssa 801-353-5147 Customer Service Specialist
Cargal Andy 801-240-4884 Director of Communications
Carlson Josiah 801-240-4916 PSC Manager
Chard Gabriel 801-240-3511 Area Manager
Cheney Juston 801-353-1455 Web Systems and Data Engineer
Christensen Corey 801-353-1470 Area Manager
Clark Anne Marie 801-353-3171 Student Services Coordinator
Cordier Westin 801-353-3390 Project and Events Coordinator
Cordon Mike 801-353-1459 Area Manager
Cundiff Alison 801 353-1324 Mentoring Manager
Dapper Michael 801-240-4919 Human Resources Manager
Day April PathwayConnect Curriculum Specialist
Davis Michelle 801-240-4175 Advising Specialist
Eldredge Jason 801-353-1456 Systems Portfolio Manager
Findlay James 801-353-3286 PathwayConnect Curriculum Manager
Fogelberg Brian 801-240-0662 Senior Graphic Designer
Guimaraes Silvio +55 11 3723-3473 Relations Manager, SRS
Hales Brad 801-240-5724 Data Management and Planning Officer
Hawkes Dallas 801-353-3089 Systems Portfolio Manager
Hayes Gene 801-353-1465 International Area Director
Hjorten Erik 801-353-1250 Missionary Support Manager
Jackson Sarah 801-353-3425 PathwayConnect Curriculum Specialist
Johnson Cary 801-353-3340 EnglishConnect Manager
Johnson Kim 801-240-9517 Director of Employment and Placement
Johnson Mark 801-240-4894 Business Solutions Coordinator
Kailiponi Ricky  801-353-6024 Mentor Operations Coordinator
Karl Eric 208-496-7610 Associate Online Vice President
Kosak Henry --- S&I Coordinator/Area Manager
Martin Troy 801-353-3192 IT Architect/Chief Information Officer
Nehring Seth 801-240-4920 Marketing Coordinator
Nicoll Kempe 801-240-5478 Enrollment and Marketing Manager
Owen Anne 801-353-3471 Advising Specialist
Peck Kendall 208-496-2210 Dean of Online Programs
Phister Jon 801-353-1460 Area Manager
Pope Bryan 801-353-1453 Director of PathwayConnect Curriculum
Porter Heather 801-353-3009 Director of EnglishConnect
Powell Johanna 801-353-3294 Student Experience Manager
Relken Nathan 801-240-4963 Director of Student Support
Richards Matt 801-353-1467 Area Manager
Sanders Nate 801-353-1638 Training Development Manager
Shelton Trevor 801-240-4892 Enrollment Services Lead
Shiley Kevin 208-496-2220 Associate Dean of Online Programs
Shipp Brittany 801-240-4919 Human Resources Manager
Simpson Michael 801-353-1454 Systems Portfolio Manager
Stewart Rob 208-496-1871 Online Learning Managing Director
Su'a Breanne 801-240-4684 Communications Specialist
Sybrowsky Joseph 801-353-1462 Area Manager
Taylor Brigham 801-353-1461 Director of Field Support
Taylor Mitchell 801-353-1369 Consistency Specialist
Thomas Steve 801-240-4949 Director of Mentoring
Torres Archenti Francisco 801-353-1272 Financial Services Officer
Tripodi Krista 801-240-4174 Communications Manager
Vallecillos Ismar 801-353-1468 Area Manager
Waite Dustin 801-240-2510 Systems Portfolio Manager
Webb Dallin Data Analyst
Willden Doug 801-353-1463 Area Manager
Williams Lindsey 801-240-0580  Executive Assistant to the President
Wilson John 801-353-1464 Domestic Area Director
Yeager Shondra 801-353-1309 Field Support Administrative Assistant
Young Alan 208-496-1851 Curriculum Development Managing Director
Bowden Elder Joseph 801-240-6314 Area Support Missionary
Bowden Sister Robinette 801-353-1316 Area Support Missionary
Cheek Sister Cheryl -- Area Support Missionary
Fogt Elder Bill 801-353-5315 New Missionary Training Missionary
Fogt Sister Jan  801-353-5316 New Missionary Training Missionary
Gibbons Elder Andy 801-353-3387 Processes Consultant Missionary
Gibbons Sister Marsha 801-353-3400 Area Support Missionary
Hale Elder Lee 801-240-6310 Area Support Missionary
Hale Sister Debbie 801-353-3044 Area Support Missionary
Hemingway Elder David 801-353-3420 Area Support Missionary
Hemingway Sister Gay 801-353-3419 Area Support Missionary
Lords Elder Craig 801-353-1614 New Missionary Training Missionary
Lords Sister Kathy 801-353-1615 New Missionary Training Missionary
Lowry Elder Dan 801-353-6247 Area Support Missionary
Lowry Sister Dellene 801-353-1315 Area Support Missionary
Oldroyd Elder Max 801-353-3405 Area Support Missionary
Oldroyd Sister Kathy 801-353-3408 Area Support Missionary
Peterson Elder Steve  801-353-1618 New Missionary Training Missionary
Peterson Sister Valorie 801-353-1619 New Missionary Training Missionary
Stoker Elder Paul 801-353-5017 Area Support Missionary
Stoker Sister Debra 801-353-5023 Area Support Missionary
Torngren Elder Bill 801-353-1616 New Missionary Training Missionary
Torngren Sister Jan  801-353-1617 New Missionary Training Missionary
Vermillion Elder Steve 801-353-3409 Area Support Missionary
Vermillion Sister Peg 801-353-3409 Area Support Missionary
Woolley Elder Earl 801-353-6251 Area Support Missionary
Woolley Sister Anita 801-240-1755 Area Support Missionary


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