Proctorio in a Canvas Course


Proctorio is an online exam proctoring service that can be attached to quizzes in Canvas. Depending on the exam settings, Proctorio will monitor students during exams by recording video, audio, or screen activities.


  • Do NOT make any edits to the exam unless you are in Chrome and the Proctorio extension is enabled. 
  • Never edit the Access Code field.

Curriculum Designer: Installation and Activation

To enable Proctorio, you will need to use the Google Chrome browser. To install Chrome on your computer, go to the Google Chrome website.

Once you're using Chrome, go to to download the extension. You can also view the Get Proctorio Video for a walkthrough.

Once installed, this icon will appear on the Chrome browser:

To fully enable the tool, it needs to be allowed in incognito windows as well. Before it is fully installed, Proctorio must be enabled within Incognito windows. This process is different for Macs and PCs.


If you're on a PC, click the shield icon and select "Manage Extentions".

This should open a new tab showing the extention's settings. Turn on "Allow in Incognito".


For Macs, click "Window" from the navigation bar and select extensions. Check the box next to "Allow in Incognito".

Starting from the course home page, click on settings at the bottom of the menu on the left hand side, then go to the Navigation page.

Scroll down to the second menu and find Secure Exam Proctor. Click and drag this module up to the first menu. Then click save.

A new option will appear on the right hand side that reads "Secure Exam Proctor". Click on it.

Curriculum Designer: Creating Proctorio Quizzes

Navigate to quizzes by selecting "Quizzes" on the left hand side. To make a new quiz, click "+Quiz" in the top right corner.

To modify an existing quiz to incorporate Proctorio, click the quiz you want to change, then click edit in the top right corner.

On this screen, scroll down to the 'restrictions' section, and check "Enable Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor".

Scroll back up to the top, and click on the 'Proctorio Settings' tab. Here, you can modify what restrictions are placed on the quiz.

To learn more about specific options, hover over the image and click the question mark that appears in the top right corner.

Once the desired settings have been selected, click save at the bottom of the page.

Technical Operations: Quiz Editing and Upkeep

Proctorio Tutorials

Visit the Proctorio Help Center for a complete list of tutorials. Some especially helpful tutorials are listed below.

You are done. Great job!