[Explanation of McGraw Hill and its uses in a course/orientation to why it would be necessary.]

Set Up Instructions

Starting from the home screen, click on settings on the left menu, then go to the navigation page.

Find McGraw-Hill Connect in the lower menu and drag it to the upper one, then click save at the bottom of the screen.

Click "Authorize" on the pop up screen.

Click the "Begin" button.

Click "Continue".

On the next screen, sign into your McGraw Hill Connect account. If you do not have an account, you can create one by clicking "Register for a Connect account".

If you don't have an account

Create an account by following the on screen steps provided. Once you have created an account, continue to the next steps.

Search for the textbook you wish you to use for your course by typing the title of the textbook in the provided search bar.

Once you have found the textbook simply click on it.

Enter your course name, timezone, registration dates, and give the section a name. When you have filled out the necessary information, click on "Create Course".

Click "Return to BYUI Canvas".

If you have an account

Fill out your sign in information and click the "Sign In" button.

You will be redirected to the McGraw-Hill page. Click on Section in an existing course, then select the appropriate course.

If prompted by a pop up, select the current semester or add a new section, then click save.

Click "Return to BYUI Canvas" to continue editing the course.

Check that the course you have connected matches the name of the master course.

Adding Assignments

To link an assignment, click "Go to my Connect section".

Scroll down to your Assignments tab and select the assignments you would like to deploy to Canvas by checking the box on the left of the assignment. Click on the box button above then click "Deploy/manage".

On the screen the next screen, select the Grade Type for the assignment then click "Deploy".

On the pop-up, click "Ok".

Check that the assignments have been successfully deployed by making sure the Canvas icon is next to the assignment.

Return to Canvas and click on the "Assignments" tab. You will find the assignments you just deployed at the bottom of the Assignments module.

To add the assignment to the correct module, click on the "Modules" tab, find the week that you want to add the assignment to, then clock on the plus icon at the top of the week.

Scroll down to the assignment you are wanting to add and select it. Click "Add Item".

The assignment has now been added to that week.

Sync the course with the blueprint by clicking on the blue square in the top right of the page. Check the box for "Include Course Settings" then click the "Sync" button.

Copying the Course

To create a new section of the course, return to the dashboard and the select the course that you want to copy.

Once you are in the course, click on "McGraw-Hill Connect".

On the next screen click "Authorize".

On the McGraw-Hill Connect page under "My courses", select the settings icon of the course you are copying and click "Duplicate section".

Give the new section a name then click "Continue to new section".

Return to Canvas, select the "McGraw-Hill Connect" tab then click "Pair with a Connect Section".

On the next screen, check "A section in a n existing Connect course". And click on the course you want to pair the new section to.

On the pop-up, select the course that has not been paired and click "Save".

After saving, click on "Return to BYUI Canvas".

Under the "Tools" section in McGraw-Hill Connect in Canvas, click "Re-link assignments from copied course".

Click "Sync".

You have successfully created a new section of the course.


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