What is the Knowledgebase?

The BYU-Idaho Online Knowledgebase is a project sponsored by OLC as part of an effort to organize, synthesize, share, and store critical information across the Online organization. 

The knowledgebase is a library of resources and information 01

The Knowledgebase is a place to keep and share our knowledge across Online departments. It's also a critical part of a learning organization; once we have established what we know, we'll be better able to innovate. With our use of the RACI Model on every article, we now have a structure to help us as we do so. 

The directors chose this system because everything in it is searchable, tag-able, restrictable, and easy to maintain. We have high-level content for the whole organization, and also plan to build private, department-specific libraries.

What we have so far:

We're still working on building these libraries, but if you'd like an idea of what kinds of things might belong in here, check out the following manuals:

  • Core Processes: a collection of processes that are critical to our work here
  • Research and Reports: a library of research completed by Online and Pathway Research, as well as research done by other organizations that is important and useful.
  • Online Learning Manual: Only available to departments that report to Alan, this is a collection of resources formerly found in the lengthy Google Sheet called "Online Learning Dashboard."
The knowledgebase is a place for continuous learning 02

The Knowledgebase is a big piece of our strategy to become a learning organization. Every article here should be treated as a launchpad from which we can coordinate, grow, and learn across teams and departments. Everyone is able to suggest changes and contribute content. 

 As a Knowledgebase user, consider this your invitation to contribute in a very real way to the improvement of the work in Online—see content that's wrong, outdated, or could use some innovation? Help us fix it! You can leave a comment at the bottom of the article, or contact the "Responsible" person listed under "About this article."

The knowledgebase is a source of truth 03

The Knowledgebase is intended to be the source of truth for all of our critical information in Online. As such, we are not only united in documenting and compiling what we know, we're committed to maintaining that documentation and innovating from it.

We have a careful publication process, which includes  review by stakeholders (where appropriate), an editing process, and most importantly, a system for maintaining it.

The knowledgebase is in its infancy 04

Eventually, this will be your one-stop-shop to find critical information and resources, like core processes, quality practices, research, and more. Since this project is still in its infancy, we don't yet have a ton of content here, and we welcome contributions. Please contact Emily Hermann at ext. 1577 or at hermanne@byui.edu for more information, training, or to start adding content.

Have content you'd like to see in the knowledgebase? Contact the organizational learning strategist (Emily Hermann, ext. 1577, hermanne@byui.edu) and get started.

Ready to get started?

  1. Log in. Content in the knowledgebase is user-permissioned, so you won't be able to see some content until you've logged in.
  2. Go to the homepage. After you log in, you click on "BYU-Idaho Online Knowledgebase" to log in, or follow the link above. Then you are free to browse the content. Make sure to bookmark that page!

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