How to log in to ScreenSteps

Each employee in Online is provided a Screensteps account with a default username and password. Login information is below. You can log in by using the "log in" button in the top-right corner of the knowledgebase.

Default Username: BYU-Idaho email address (without the

Default Password: byui1234


Name: John Doe
ScreenSteps username: doejo
Default password: byui1234

Want to customize your login information?

You can change your password by following this guide. \

If you'd like to change your username, please contact Emily Hermann ( or ext. 1577).

Don't have a Screensteps account, or need to request an account for someone else?

Please call or email Emily Hermann (ext. 1577, and we'll make one for you. If you need to request several accounts (i.e, for new student employees), please email Emily Hermann the following information for each individual:

  • Name
  • BYU-Idaho email
  • Desired username
  • Department (i.e., Online Curriculum Development, Technical Operations, etc. This allows us to provide access to important department-specific content)

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