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How Do I Link My BYU-Idaho and Accounts?

The following applies to all BYU-Idaho Online Instructors,

For the foreseeable future, BYU-Idaho will use two unique login domains as we serve various CES programs, including Pathway, EIL, and LDSBC. For many of us this means that we will have login credentials in both BYU-Idaho and LDS Access domains. For example, BYU-Idaho I-Learn is accessed with a BYU-Idaho username and password. Courses used in Pathway and EIL programs, will require an LDS Access username and password. In order to access both domains as easily as possible the university has created a one-time process that will link your BYU-Idaho account with your LDS account. Doing this will enable all instructors to access their courses, regardless of the domain. 

Using the tool below only takes 30 seconds. First it will have you login with your BYU-Idaho credentials (you may not see this step if you're already logged into any BYU-Idaho system with your browser). Next, you will be taken to a screen where you will be prompted to access your LDS account. Then sign in with your credentials. That's it! Click the link below to get started.

If you run into any technical issues, please contact the BYU-Idaho Support Center.