How to Quickly Add Dates

One of the most time consuming things you have to do as an instructor is to change your dates every semester. There is no way to escape it completely, but here are some tricks that may help to streamline the process.

The Manage Dates Tool

Brightspace has provided a tool that will let you look through a comprehensive list of all your quizzes, assignments, and other items and change the dates. You can even change multiple dates at the same time. Manage Dates (Under Site Resources). 

Course Tools

1. Click on the Course Tools tab.

2. Select Course Admin.

Manage Dates

Select Manage Dates.

Editing Dates in the Manage Dates Tool

1. Find the item you wish to edit and click on the drop down menu.

2. Select Edit Dates.

3. Edit dates in the new window.

Editing Module Dates

From this window you can change the start date and end date. Be sure to click on the checkbox to the right of the date.

Another thing you can do is to add dates to your module in the content area. This also gives you a way to restrict access to all of those items as well if you don't want students to view them after the desired date.


Click on the Content tab.

Select Module

Click on the module you wish to edit in the left hand column.

Add Dates and Restrictions

Click on Add dates and restrictions...

Click on each respective Add start date..., Add due date..., etc. to edit those dates. Click the Update button when you are finished.

One thing to understand is that the dates of the module will not insert into the assignments. If you want to see the due date in the gradebook you will have to add that separately. 

Saving Course Work

If you call the Faculty Technology Center (7230) we can help you make a copy of your course that you can hold onto. If you make a copy each semester then you can save the dates. For example, you can have three different courses saved for Fall, Winter, and Spring. This way when it comes time to make your new course you can copy the appropriate backup which will have the correct dates for that semester.