How Do I Associate a Grade Item to a Quiz?

Grade items need to be associated to each graded activity. If you want the quiz you have created to be graded, a grade item must be associated to it.

This article shows how to [1] associate an existing grade item to a quiz or [2] how to create a new grade item from the quiz tool.

Quizzes Tab

Click the Quizzes tab.

Edit Quiz

1. Click on the pull down menu next to the Quiz to which you would like to associate a grade item.

2. Click on Edit

Assessment Tab

Click on the Assessment tab

[1] Add Existing Grade Item

Click on the Grade Item pull down menu and select the existing grade item you wish to add to the quiz.

Save and Close

[2] Create a New Grade Item

Click [add grade item]

Grade Item Information

1. Fill in the name of the Grade Item. This name must be unique from every other grade item.

NOTE: You can create a short name as well. The short name is the name which will be displayed at the top of each column in the gradebook.

2. Select the Grading Category for this grade item (this is optional)

3. Select the number of points for the grade item.

NOTE: Be sure the point value for the grade item matches the point value for the quiz.

4. Click Save

Save and Close

Click Save and Close to save your changes.