How Do I Grade an Assignment From the Assignment Tool?


Click on the Assignments tab.

Select Assignment

Select the Assignment you wish to grade.

Select Submission

Select the Submission you would like to grade.

Evaluate Submissions

Evaluate Submissions

A new page called Evaluate Submissions will appear.

Click on the name of the submission to view that submission.

View Rubric

If you have created a rubric for the assignment, you can view it while you grade by clicking the rubric link under the Evaluation heading on the right side. In this example we are using the Peer Assessment rubric.

Grading Using the Rubric

Grading Using the Rubric

Once your rubric has been pulled up, you can select the desired score depending on how well the student performed by clicking on the radio buttons.

Save and Record

To finish your grading using the rubric, click the Save and Record button to finish.

Grading Manually

If there is no rubric associated with this assignment, you can manually input the score in the Score box.



Comments can also be added in several different ways.

1. Typing in the feed

2. Attaching a file

3. Recording an audio file to give verbal feedback

4. Recording a video

Publish or Update

To finish grading this assignment, click the Publish button in the bottom right. If you have already graded it and are adjusting it, then the Publish button will change to Update.

Next Student or Group

To move on to the next student to grade, click the Next Student or Next Group link in the top right.