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How Do I Access and Use the Course Maintenance Dashboard?

The course maintenance dashboard is the council's look into the course's submitted tickets. It is a 10,000 ft. view of all the course's tickets submitted and their working and completion status. The course council can also leave comments on any ticket in the system. All Online Course Representatives and Course Leads have access to their course's dashboard.

Online Course Representatives, Course Leads, and Curriculum Designers are the only people that have access to this resource.

Access the Course Maintenance Dashboard


Type in the URL

Log in

Log in using your BYU-Idaho credentials.

TeamDynamix Dashboard

What you see here are the submitted tickets for the course. Each ticket displays its status, priority, which course support specialist has stewardship over the ticket, how long the ticket has been in the system, and the description of the issue.

Description of Categories
Category Meaning
Title The title of the ticket is always the course number.
Status Status of the ticket tells you where it is in its life-cycle.
Priority Priority determines how quickly Course Maintenance needs to implement the ticket’s solution.
Prim Resp (Primary Responsibility) This lists the course support specialist assigned to the ticket.
Age Age determines the length of time the ticket has been in a new/working status. Once the ticket has been resolved and/or closed the time tracking on the ticket discontinues.
Description Description is the actual issue that the ticket originator/author detailed.
Make a Ticket Comment

Select Ticket Title

Click on the title of the ticket.

Scroll Down

Scroll down to the bottom of the window to see the work that has been done and the conversations about the ticket. This is a log of the communications between the course support specialist and others, the work they've done, and a quality check done by their team lead. It also includes any communications sent to the course council requesting approval to implement the fix or improvement.

Select "Comment"

To leave a comment on the ticket, first select the "Comment" button at the top of the ticket feed.

Select "Notify" Menu

Once you select "Comment," a text editor will appear where you can write a comment. Select the "Notify" drop down menu to pull up a selection of individuals to notify. This will send them an email.

1. The "Responsible" designation is the Course Support Specialist.

2. The "Requestor" designation is the original author of the ticket, the one requesting help.

Write Comments

1. Note that the person(s) you have selected to notify appear here.

2. Write whatever notes you need in this text editing box.

3. Select "Save" to send the notification.


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