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How Do I Share My Screen During an Adobe Connect Meeting?

Find or Add Share Pod (if it's not already on the screen)

Find an existing Share pod on the page or add a new one by following the instructions below:

1. Click Pods in the upper navigation bar.

2. Select Share.

3. Click Add New Share.

Share My Screen

While in the meeting, click Share My Screen in the center of the page.

Install Add-on (if applicable)

If a window appears prompting you to install the Adobe Connect Add-in, select Yes.

Grant Access

Grant access for Adobe Flash Player to access your computer by clicking Allow. When it is finished installing, Adobe Connect will reload.

This message may appear differently depending on the web browser you are using.

Share My Screen

Select Share My Screen again.


1. Select the monitor you wish to share.

2. Select Share.

Stop Sharing

1. Click on the screen icon in the pop-up window.

2. Select Stop Sharing.


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