Copying a Link in Equella

1. My Resources

The first thing you will need to do is go to the Equella website and log in using your BYU-Idaho credentials. This can be accessed at

On the right hand side there is a column. Click on My resources.

2. Select Your Resource

From the list of your resources, find the contribution you wish to retrieve the link for and click on it.

3. Link To Resources

Under the subheading Links to resources you will see all of the resources in that contribution.

Right click on the resource you want to link to and copy the link's address.

This option will be different depending on what browser you are using: Google Chrome: Copy link address Mozilla Firefox: Copy link location Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer: Copy shortcut

4. Verify the Link is Correct

It will be helpful to verify that the link you copied is correct. Below is an example of correct link formatting.

You can now paste that link anywhere to grant access. When following the link, the user will need to authenticate using their BYU-Idaho credentials.

To learn how to add a link into Brightspace, check out this tutorial.


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