How Do Students See Answers to Quizzes?

NOTE: Not all quizzes are intended to display answers. Answers may be released immediately after the quiz, at a specific time and date, or never.


Click the Quizzes tab.

Next to the title of the quiz:

1. Select the dropdown arrow of the quiz you would like to see.

2. Click on Submissions.

Quiz Submissions

Select the Attempt you would like to view answers to quiz questions.

NOTE: Not all quizzes will display the class statistics and score distribution. This is done at the discretion of the instructor.

Quiz Submission View-Attempts

Correct responses will have a green check mark.

Incorrect responses will be marked with a red x, with a blue arrow marking the correct response.

NOTE: Some instructors may allow you to view questions but will choose not mark the correct responses. In that case, you will only be able to view the responses you submitted.


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