How Do I Submit an I or a UW Grade?

I Grades

An "I" grade denotes what is called an Incomplete Contract. This option is available if a student has an extenuating circumstance that makes it impossible for them to complete the course. Rather than simply failing the course, the student works with the instructor to complete the remaining coursework by the end of the following semester.

In order to be eligible for an Incomplete Contract, the student must meet all of the following criteria:

1. The student's extenuating circumstance occurred after the 10th week of a semester (4th week of a block). If the extenuating circumstance occurred after the drop date but before the 10th week, the student should instead withdraw from the course.

2. The student must have a passing grade at the time of petitioning for the Incomplete Contract. An Incomplete Contract is not a substitute for a failing grade.

3. The student must be able to complete the remaining work on an individual basis with the instructor. The student and the instructor work together to establish a deadline (which must be on or before the last day of the following semester). 

4. The instructor must approve the Incomplete Contract. 

Note: When submitting final grades, an instructor should leave the student's grade blank and submit an Incomplete Contract request through the BYU-Idaho Support Center. Click here to fill out an Incomplete Contract request form.

When the established deadline comes for completing the course, the instructor must request a change of grade through the Registrar's Office. Change the Incomplete Contract to the actual grade the student has earned. To access the Grade Change Portal, visit this page. 

For further questions, refer to the FAQ pdf about changing grades.

UW Grades

A "UW" grade denotes an unoffical withdrawal, which differs from an official withdrawal in that the student has not contacted records and registration to notify them of dropping the class.

In order for an instructor to give a student a UW, the following criteria must be met:

1. The student did not complete proper withdrawal procedures from the course.

2. The student has a record of non-attendance.

3. The student did not complete any coursework, test, or class-related assignments after attendance ceased.

4. The student's record of non-attendance began before the last date to withdraw from classes without receiving the grade earned.

If all of the above criteria are NOT met and the student's academic performance warrants a failing grade, the instructor should assign the student an F rather than a UW.

Both an F and a UW are calculated into a student's GPA as 0.0.

After awarding a student an F or a UW, the instructor will need to indicate whether a student participated in the course. "Participation" is defined as any activity in the course other than logging into I-Learn. If the student submitted an assignment, took a quiz, posted a comment on a discussion board, etc. -- even once -- the student is deemed to have participated.

To account for participation, simply select "yes" or "no" as show below: