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How Do I Give a Student a Failing Grade for the Course? (Pathway)

Pathway instructors cannot edit a student's final grade directly. Instead they need to adjust the score of a single grade item to affect the student's final grade. If you have a student that needs to be given a failing grade in the course for any reason, follow the steps below.



Select "Grades" from left navigation menu in your Canvas course.

Ensure you are in "Gradebook" view

In the gradebook, there are three different view that you can use in the course. They include gradebook, individual, and mastery. To modify grades, make sure you are in the gradebook view to be most efficient in the process.

Edit each grade item to be Zero (0)

Go to the student (1) and edit each assignment (2) so that the value is zero (0). 

Ensure Final Grade is Zero (0)

Navigate to your final grade column. This can be at the beginning or end of your gradebook. It should have a total of "0% F" in the column. If not, check the assignments to ensure they are all zeroed out.


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