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Changing Requester on KB Feedback

When a Knowledge Base ticket comes in the Requestor is always BYUI Response. We have to change the Requestor to the Agent so they can see the response to their feedback. 

First, go to the article's feedback comment. Here you can see what agent left the feedback. Once you have changed the requestor in the ticket to the agent here, you can delete the feedback.

Next, go back to the ticket and select "Edit". Scroll down to the box that says "Requestor" type in the agent's name and hit "Save". This will change the requestor from BYUI Response to the agent who left the feedback. 

To respond to the feedback, select "Actions" and then "Update", it's the first option under "Actions".

Lastly, in the "Notify" section select the agent's name. Notifying the student sends them an email letting them know that their feedback was addressed. The comments section of the ticket is what is sent to the student. Change the status of the ticket from "New" to "Closed" and save the ticket.