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Advising Front Desk Training

Go down the line of people waiting to speak with the Reception Desk of the Advising Center. Tell the student the wait time for walk-ins, and they can choose to stay in the Waiting Room, or you can set an advising appointment for the student later that week.

*To calculate the estimated wait time, look at the time gap between the oldest request and the newest request.

If neither the wait room nor appointment sound good, have the student wait in line to speak with the receptionist and move to the next person in line.

If a student wants to be put on the Waiting Room list, go to and login with your BYU-I credentials.

Click on the "Menu" button in the top right corner and select "Academic Advising." 

When the next page loads, make sure you are on the "Waiting Room" page. It should say "Waiting Room" on the top left part of the page.

If you are not on the "Waiting Room" page, click on the gray arrow bar to the left and select "Waiting Room" in the list of options. 

Also make sure that the Center selected is "Waiting Room Advising." You can find that in the top right corner of the page.

Search the student's i-number or name in the search bar and then fill out the drop down boxes below it. For the "Advisor" box select "First Available." For the "Visit Type" box select "In-Person." Lastly, for the "Visit Reason" box, select whatever the purpose is for the student's meeting with an advisor (for example, "Drop/Withdrawal Question" if the student wants to talk about dropping a class).

Once you finish filling out those boxes, click on the green "Log Student In" button.

Once you click on that button, the student will be added to the Waiting Room list below. The people who have been added the most recently will be at the top of the list, and the people who have been in the Waiting Room for the longest will be at the bottom of the list.

When an advisor can meet with a student on the Waiting Room list, they will click on the "Waiting" button and it will change to "Being Seen."

Advisors will be responsible for taking students off of the Waiting Room list.


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