Creating a Magic Form

To create a magic form, start by clicking on the button that says "Magic Show Catalog" on your desktop.

This will take you to a landing page for the BSC Magic Show. Click on the department you want to communicate with. For our purposes, we'll use Customer Experience.

Click on the Service that describes the nature of your request.

Once on the landing page for that request, click on "Request Service."

On the next page, fill out the required information in the ticket, including Title, Source, Requesting team, Requesting Department, the correct tag, and the Article link if necessary. Your name should autofill.

Finally, fill out your notes. Make sure they are as detailed as possible, including all necessary information for the receiving team to be able to act on. Once you're finished, click on "Request." This will send the ticket to the correct worklist so it can be assigned and worked on.