BYUI Help Guides Level 2 DR TrainingsNew Hire Tracksmart Process

New Hire Tracksmart Process

To allow a new hire to sign up for Training shifts, follow these steps:

1. Go to the "Employees" tab on

2. Click "+ New Employee" 

3. Fill in the basic info section.

4. Under 'Which Schedules Can They Manage?', check only New Hire Training

5. Under 'Where Can This Employee Work?', check New Hire Training.

6. Under 'Which Positions Can This Employee Work?', check only In Training

7.  Once their team lead creates a profile for them in TrackSmart, the new hire will be sent an automated email that will show them how to sign up for training shifts.

 After the new employee completes training, remove them from "New Hire Training" and "In Training" categories and check their correct departments based on the position they will be working.

**If you are not able to complete any of these steps, speak to your manager and they will need to give you the correct permissions