BYUI Help Guides Level 2 DR TrainingsHow to Create a SnapComms

How to Create a SnapComms

SnapComms can be created by accessing and logging in.

First, select the "Create content" options on the dashboard.

Next, select the "Ticker with Message Window" option.

The BSC has it's own template, which is the one we all should use.  The Colored templates can be used in urgent situations.

Finally, name the content and then select "Create content".

The first page that opens up is to edit the "Ticker."

Click on the scrolling headline that says "Click to read more."

You can toggle between the headline and the main content by clicking on the options above the headline.

Once you've finished editing the Headline and Content, the Ticker Settings, Targets, and Dates must be edited before publishing the SnapComms.

The "Ticker Settings" will auto fill the majority of its display options. However, make sure to change the ticker speed from "Medium," to "Slow."

Under the "Target" section creators can select who they would like to see the SnapComms. There is a drop down list in the search bar that gives suggested targets. Creators may also search individuals with the BYU-I username.

Within the "Dates" section a start date and end date can be selected. The SnapComms can post immediately or on a specific date. A duration can be chosen under the "End Date" drop down. It can be posted anywhere from 15 minutes up to 1 year.

Once all the settings have been edited the "Publish" button, in the bottom right hand corner, will turn orange. Select "Publish" and the SnapComms will be sent out.

Once published the target audience will see the alert below on their screen.

After the update has been selected a pop-up window will appear with the message from SnapComms.