How to use Scheduling Assistant

Updated Jul 16, 2019

Scheduling Assistant is an aspect of Outlook which makes it easier to schedule meetings with a large number of people at a time which works for everyone.

Select a time

  1. To use Scheduling Assistant, you must already be in the process of creating a meeting, for more help on this, follow this link.
  2. In the meeting information, select the prospective time you are hoping to schedule the meeting.

Access Scheduling Assistant

Once you have the time selected, click on the icon in the top toolbar which says Scheduling Assistant.

Access schedules of various parties

  1. Enter in the names of those you are hoping to invite to the meeting in the left column. Their schedule will then be shown.
  2. The blue column represents the time you have selected.
  3. You can adjust the selected time here. Or, you can click and drag the blue column itself to see different prospective times.
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