How do I enroll in eRefund?

Updated Jun 11, 2020

Login to your myBYUI account

  1. Go to
  2. Click the blue Sign In button in the upper-right hand corner
  3. On the next page, sign in with your BYUI credentials

Access your Finances tab

  1. Clik on the 'More' tab in the upper-right hand corner
  2. Click on the 'Finances' option

Access eRefund

In the right sidebar which says 'Related Links' click on the link called 'Sign up for e-Refund

Enroll in eRefund

In the third box on the left, click on the link which says 'Click here to enroll in eRefund'.

Select how you want your deposit returned

  1. Select which option you would like to use to have your refund returned to you
  2. Click on the button which says 'Continue'

Select bank

  1. Select the bank you would like eRefund to return your money to
  2. If you have not already entered in your bank's information, click on the button which says 'Add a New Account'

Accept terms and conditions

  1. Read through the terms and conditions and click the box if you agree to them
  2. Click the blue 'Submit' button

Verify eRefund bank is enrolled

If your bank has been enrolled in eRefund successfully, it will appear in the section which says 'Your eRefund account'.

* It takes 3-4 business days after you sign up for eRefund before the funds will show in your personal bank account.

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