How do I enroll in eRefund?

Login to your myBYUI account

Scroll down the page to click on "View Account"

Click on "Make Payment or Deposit"

Once in CashNet, click "Overview"

Select "Sign up for direct deposit refunds!"

A pop up on the right hand of your screen will appear once this is clicked. 

Accept terms and conditions

  1. Read through the agreement and click, "I agree to these Terms & Conditions"

Enter your bank account information

  1. Enter all your bank account information and once you are done click, "Continue"

Verify eRefund bank is enrolled

1. Once done, press save

If your bank has been enrolled in eRefund successfully, it will appear in "My Account" in the section "Direct deposit refunds"

*It takes 3-4 business days after signing up for eRefund for the funds to show in your personal bank account.


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