How Do I Change My Major?

Updated May 14, 2019

Log into your I-Plan

1. Click the large blue button which says Login to I-Plan

Access your I-Plan

1. Click the button which says BYUI Login

2. On the next page, log in with your BYUI credentials

Access your Grad Planner

1. Click on the tab at the top which says Grad Planner

Create an alternate grad plan

1. Click on the drop-down menue at the top-right which should say Declared Plan

2. Click on the option with the plus sign which says Create Alternate Plan

3. There will be a dialouge box which asks you to name your grad plan. You can name it whatever you like, but it may be a good idea to name your new grad plan the major you are intending to switch to.

Select your new major

1. In the main search bar, type the major you are thinking about switching to; in this example, we'll use Political Science

2. Under Degree Type, select Bachelors or Associates

3. Under sub-pogram select On-campus or Online

4. To search for your new major, click Apply

5. When you have found the new major you want, click on the gear on the left of the major line

6. Click the option which says, View Details

Select the new major

1. This next page will give you some information and statistics about the new major. If you think this is a major you want to switch to, click the green button which says Select This Major. This does NOT mean that you will officially switch majors at this time. This will ONLY create an alternate grad plan. If you change your mind once you start creating this new plan, you can just stop completing the grad plan and no changes will be made.

2. On the next page, click the green Save & Continue button at the upper left-hand corner

Complete your new grad plan

1. In order to change your major, you will need to complete a new grad plan with the major you intend to switch to. For more information on how to complete a grad plan, click here.

2. When you have completeting your new grad plan, click on the green Validate button. Your grad plan will be sent to an accademic advisor for approval. Once the advisor approves your grad plan, your major will officially be changed.

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