How To Accept/ Decline Loans

Updated Nov 06, 2019


  1. Log-In to your BYU-I account


  1. Select the "More..." tab
  2. Select the "Finances" option

View Portal

  1. Click on the yellow bar that says, “View Your Financial Aid Portal”

My Awards

You will be redirected to your Student Financial Aid Portal.

  1. Click on the “More…” link under the “My Awards” section on the upper right side of the Portal


Once you are on the award page, you will need to scroll down to find the semester(s) you wish to accept/decline the loan offer

  1. Under the “Actions” column, select one of the following options:
    1. Accept
    2. Decline
    3. Later
  2. If you choose to accept a loan(s), enter the amount you wish to accept.
    - Students wanting to only accept a portion of their loan should indicate the FULL amount (for  however     many semesters the award is offered) in this box.
  3. Click the blue “Save Changes” button found at the bottom of the page.


  • The automatic loan option will be “Later” and the full loan offer amount will be in the current amount column.
  • You must accept the full Subsidized Loan, before you can accept any of the Unsubsidized Loan.
  • If you choose to decline the loan offer, and then decide later you want to accept a portion/all of the loan, you will need to speak with a counselor.  
  • Students can’t accept their loans if they have an open “task” on their account. 
  • You won’t know whether you have a task or not, but you'll get an error message saying that you'll need to refresh the page and that something needs to be completed. You will need to speak with a counselor so the counselor can look into the task and try to clear it. 


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