Viewing Missing Documents

Updated Jun 24, 2019

*Note: all info in the screenshots are used as an example and do not portray true information for others

Sign In

Select Sign In to

Drop-Down Menu

1. Select MORE to view the drop-down menu

2. Select FINANCES

View the Portal

Select the yellow View Your Financial Aid Portal button

Required Documents

On the bottom left corner of the screen under the Required Documents, select the More... hyperlink

Show All Documents

Select Show All Documents


This list corresponds with the numbers on the image above.

1. The date the documents were received

2. The names of the documents

3. Important messages/instructions for the student

4.  Document Status

5. Dates the document was reviewed

6. Any counselor comments

7. Icons for downloading/uploading documents

If the student has further questions regarding a specific document, refer to the Missing Document Glossary article in the Knowledge Base

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