How to Edit an Email Template

Updated Mar 02, 2020

When you want to change an email template, you have to use the Admin aspect of TeamDynamix. To do so, choose the Application the Email Template was built in.

Then, click on the blue cog in the right hand corner. On the list that comes up, click on "Admin".

In the window that appears, click on the "Response Templates" option on the right hand side.

This brings up the Response Template list. If you want to create a new Response Template, click on the green button that says "+New." If you want to edit a response template, simply click on the title in the Response Template list.

The window below is an editing window, which will come up when you click on the title of the Response Template you wish you edit. If you click on "+New," the title of the window will say "New Response Template."

  1. When an agent clicks on "Update," they can select from categories, and then they click on the desired template. This is where you would organize the template into the correct category.
  2. This is simply the title of the Template. Make sure the title is clear and concise so the agents know what they are selecting.
  3. The description is for our purposes so we can tell the templates apart.
  4. This is where we can use TD to autofill information in the ticket. You select the Template Tag you want it to say and it will put it in the Comments section.
  5. This is where you put the text you want in the email template. 

This is the list of Template Tags we have. 

Once you've finished editing or building the template, make sure to click on "Generate Preview" first! That way you can make sure it looks the way it needs to, as the required information, and nothing show sup weird. Once you've verified the template, click "Save."

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