Cellular: How to add or edit your Credit Card information

Updated Feb 01, 2021

You can make changes to your credit card information via your personal account at store.byui.edu/cellular/

1. To start, sign in by selecting "Login" and then entering your BYU-Idaho credentials.


2. Next, select "Billing"

This will take you to the main billing area where you can see your different statements and your payment info.

3. Under "Payment Info", select the blue "Click here" link.

This will take you to a web page where you can edit your billing information.

4. From this window, fill out the correct billing information. When you are done filling out the updated information, click "Next".

This will take you to your payment details window.

5. Input your credit card information. When you're done, select "Next"

This will take you to the Review page.

6. Here you simply need to review the information for accuracy. Once you're sure you've included the correct information, click "Finish".

This will take you to the final page that includes all of your personal information you have just submitted.

7. To go back to the main cellular page, select the "Return to Website" button.

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