Editing the Contacts Center TV's

Updated Jul 16, 2019

Login to the BSC's Canva account at

Click on the folder "Contact Center TV Designs."

All of the slides are compiled into different files depending on the theme of the slide. Some of these themes are jokes, quotes, or announcements. Depending on what type of slide you are adding, click on the correct file. For this example, we'll be adding a slide to the TV's with an announcement. Select the "Contact Center TV: Announcement Archive.

When you click on the desired file, a pop-up will appear. Make sure to select "Edit" rather than selecting "Use as template". Then the file will open. Scroll down to the bottom and click on "Add a new page."

Once you're done making the slide, click on the down arrow button at the top right of the page. Click on the bar with download types and select PNG. This works best with adding the image to the slide shows on the TV's.

Then click on the drop down bar titled "Select Pages" and select only the slides you need to download. For this example we are only downloading Page 27. Then click done. If you have to download multiple slides at once, they will download into a ".zip" file. See the "How to Unzip a File" Screensteps article for help.

Click on "Download."

Then go to the Department Relations folder on Sharepoint. Click on “1Marketing Team.” 

Then click on the folder named “TV for Contacts Center.” 

Then click on the file “Presentation.” 

Click on the slide show for the current day.

When it opens, scroll down to the bottom of the slides, select the last slide, and then at the top click on “New Slide.” 

Select "Blank" and "Add Slide." 

Then under the “Insert” bar, click on “Pictures.”

Click on “Choose File” and select the slide under the downloads file on your computer. After selecting the photo, click "Open" and then "Insert."

Make sure the picture fits the screen.

Click on "File" and then "Save a Copy." Make sure to name the slide show with the current date and the word “Updated” so others know it is the updated slide show.

Walk over to the contacts center and, on the contacts computer, go to the sharepoint page and download the updated slide show. 

After opening it make sure to check the slide transition settings. Make sure it's set to "Fade," the duration time is 03:00, and then click on "Apply to All."

Then go to the settings page and set the display settings on the computer to look like the following images:   

Then start the Powerpoint and you’re done!   

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