How to check your Admissions Status

Updated May 07, 2019

1. Open your internet browser and navigate to (We recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.)

2. Select ‘Apply Now’.

3. Select ‘Start application’.

4. Sign In to your account using the method you used previously.

5. Click on "Continue Application"

6. Click on "Status"

7. Your status should be displayed like the picture below.



I need to apply ,I also need a mail to declare so I can submit application

Jordan Lowder

I was wondering if I have got accepted to BYU Idaho online. Please help me I want to know what my current status is.

tanumai farani

Pls I'm a slow learner on line,it takes hrs for me to figure out or fill in applications.Today is my second try filling my pathway apps,so pls let me know if im admitted yet,my apologies and have a good day.

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