How to Order Name Tags for the BSC

Updated Feb 24, 2020

*DO NOT use Internet Explorer when putting in this request. Mozilla Firefox works best, or you can also use Google Chrome.

Go to the BYU-Idaho Facilities Management Home Page

Click on the link at the bottom that says “Make a Service Request" This will take you to a second page with options on it.

Click on the option that says “Campus Request.” 

DO NOT use Internet Explorer to enter a Request

This will take you to a page in the TMA Web Systems Application.

In the 'Requestor Name' box use "BYU-Idaho Support Center" for the Contacts Center and "BSC Customer Experience" for Customer Experience and Business Solutions.

Put in the Customer Experience Email, Phone number, Floor Level, and Room number. They are as follows:

Then, add a detailed description in the “Action Requested & Account #” box.

  1. If you are ordering name tags for the Contacts Center or Financial Aid Help Center, make sure to ask to use the BYU-Idaho Support Center Template. Those are the white name tags we use.
  2. VERIFY THE SPELLING OF THE NAMES!! You need to list the number of name tags you need and what names need to be on them, so make sure the spelling is right!
  3. Make sure the "Cost Center Number" is included in the description! See your Manager for the Cost Center Number. 

Then click “Submit.” You’re finished! Write down the work order number that pops up when you submit the request for follow up if needed. Customer Experience will receive an email with the request number, and they will notify you when the product is delivered.

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