Have an Advisor Contact a Student

Updated May 07, 2019

1. Open your internet browser and navigate to (We recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.)

2. Select 'BYUI Login' and Sign In with your credentials

3. Click on the Menu Option

4. Select the "Academic Advising" option

5. Open the Options Menu on the upper left side of the screen

6. Select the "Quick Visit Entry" Option

7. Enter Student's I-Number or name and select the profile from the drop-down menu

8. Select email as the Visit Type

9. Select reason(s) for the visit

10. Enter the notes in the Notes section.

11. Check the Email checkbox

12. Copy the Notes and Paste them into the Email section

13. Check the "Copy To" Checkbox option(s)

14. Click "Visible to All"

15. Upload any document if needed

16. Click "Submit"

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