New Freshman Application

Updated Dec 11, 2019

Step 1. Open your internet browser and navigate to (We recommend using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

Step 2. Select “Apply Now”

Step 3. Select “Start Application”

Step 4. You can log into the application using your LDS Account. Select it as the option to log in with. If you are not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or you do not have an LDS Account, please continue by creating a Net ID.

NOTE: You do not have to add each possible type of login. Choose one method and use that one each time you return to edit/check your application.

Step 5. Welcome section: Click “Continue”

Step 6. Privacy Notice: Consent to the privacy notice, click “Save and Continue”

Step 7. Identity Section: Complete all the personal information then select “Save and Continue”

Step 8. School selection: Click “Apply” under Brigham Young University-Idaho

Step 9. Information Release: Read and check the boxes giving your consent.

Once done select, “Save and Continue”

Step 10. Choose a semester, major and then drag your preference of schools from the left to the right, with first preference at the top of the list. Once that is done, select “Save and Continue”

Step 11. Educational summary: Select “I am seeking a degree on campus” (It is the first one) then select “I have no graduated high school or finished secondary education yet”.

Step 12. Citizenship: Select your citizenship and if you have dual citizenship. Once down, click “Save and continue”

Step 13. Emergency Contact: Complete emergency contact information and then select “save and continue”

Step 14. Biographic: Select your race and complete the additional biographic questions.

Step 15. Miscellaneous: Answer the legal and university disciple questions. Once completed, click “Save and Continue”

Step 16. Religion:

  • If you logged in with your LDS log in:
    • Click Refresh LDS information
    • Answer the plural marriage question
  • If you created a NET ID at log in:
    • Select that you have an LDS account
    • Click “Connect LDS Account”
    • You will be directed to the log in page
      • Use your LDS log in
      • If you don’t have an LDS log in, you will need to create one with your membership number.
    • Select the search icon next to ward
      • This will take you to another page.
      • Choose next.
      • Enter the name of your ward.
    • Answer the plural marriage question

Step 17. Seminary: Answer the following questions concerning your experience. Once completed, select “Save and Continue”

Step 18. High School: Select “I have (or will have) a high school diploma from a US-accredited institution” (It is the first one listed)

You will then enter the Country, Name of school, and the year you will graduate.

Step 19. College/University: Enter all colleges/universities where you received graded credit. (This includes any dual credited classes)

NOTE: You will need to send transcripts to CES from those other schools before the application can be submitted. Instructions on how to do this will be on the right-hand side of this page. If you did not attend any college in the United States, skip to #20

Step 20. Transcript: High school transcript.

  • You will need to have taken EITHER the ACT/SAT and have those sent over to the CES school. On the right-hand side there is helpful information concerning those test scores
  • You will need to find out your unweighted GPA.
    • Enter in and then select whether it is weight or not.
      • If you enter your weighted GPA you will need to list all your classes throughout all years of high school.
      • Once completed, click “Save and continue”

Step 21. Recommendations: Click “Begin Endorsement”

  • A new window will open.
  • Choose Student, then Applicant, then the words under Applicant.
  • Acknowledge that you will live the honor code
  • Select the option that accurately describes your situation
  • Choose your ward or your bishop/branch president

NOTE: Enter only the ward name- Ex. Rexburg 5th NOT Rexburg 5th Ward

Step 22. Select the ward the matches the name of your bishop and choose the Select button to the right.

  • You will be prompted to print instructions to take to your bishop.

Step 23. Select “Save and continue” when finished.

Step 24. You are now at the Status Page.

• The right-hand side of the page will give you the progress of each part of the application. • Black check marks mean that this part has been completed. Red Incomplete words means there is more in this part to complete. • Show More option under an incomplete section will show you what you still need to complete. • There is a $35 application fee that you will need to pay before submitting. Click pay and it will take you to the screen to enter your information

  • Once all parts have been completed, you scroll down to the bottom of the status screen to submit your application.
  • Until the application is fully submitted, we cannot review your application.
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