How to re-register a phone with Duo Mobile

Use this Screensteps article if you are re-registering a previously registered device with 2FA (after a phone reset, accidentally deleting the app, etc.)

Access and click "Sign In".

After signing in you will be prompted to accept the Duo Push notification.

Select cancel in the blue pop-up bar on the screen.

Select a method to confirm your identity; either by phone or test.

Follow the prompt.

Select the "Mobile phone" option and hit "Continue".

Enter you mobile phone number.

Check the box confirming your phone number.

Then select "Continue".

Select what type of phone you are registering, then "Continue".

Next, launch the app store on you phone and search for "Duo Mobile".

Tap "Get" and "Install" to download the app.

Once app is downloaded select the green "I have Duo Mobile installed" button.

Open the Duo Mobile app.

Tap the "+" button.

Scan the bar-code on your computer screen, select "Continue".

Ensure that the phone number shown is your correct number.

Set the "When I log in" section to "Automatically send this device a Duo Push".

Then select the "Back to Login" button.

After approving the Push notification you will be able to access you BYU-I account.


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