How to transfer from PathwayConnect to Online

Updated Mar 12, 2020

Step 1: Go to Select Admissions>Certificates & Degrees. Scroll down and click Apply.

Step 2: Sign in with your Church Account. If you do not have a Church Account, select “Create Account” and follow the steps given.

If it is your first time creating an application account, you will be asked to agree to the account creation terms from BYU. Agree to the terms to create an account and continue to the application.

Step 3: Welcome screen. This page gives information about each Church School. If you are planning to do the BYU-Idaho Online Degree Program, you only need to read the information associated with BYU-Pathway Worldwide. After reading, select Continue.

Step 4: Privacy Notice. Agree to the notice. Then select Save and Continue.

Step 5: Identity. Fill out, or confirm, your information in the Identity section. Then select Save and Continue.

Step 6: School Selection. Select “Apply” next to the BYU- Pathway Worldwide icon. (Do not apply for BYU-Idaho if you are only planning to participate in the BYU-Idaho Online Degree Program.)

You are now going to complete a Profile as part of your application to BYU-Pathway. A yellow line will appear below the section that you are currently working on. You may click each section of the Profile at any time to go back and update and review your information. Remember to save as you go. It is recommended to go in order of the application.

Note: For each section there are instructions on the right-hand side of the screen if needed.

Step 7: Information Release. Read each release statement and select the small boxes acknowledging you have read and understood. Then select Save and Continue

Step 8: Connect Accounts. The application should automatically connect your Church Account to your application. Verify it is correct. If it did not connect your account, follow the direction to connect it. If connected correctly, select yes. Then select Save and Continue.

Step 10: Citizenship. Complete and/or verify the information in this section. Then select Save and Continue.

If the information is incorrect, select “Identity section” and it will direct you to a page to update your address and citizenship. When you save your information in the “Identity

section,” you should then return to the Citizenship page to complete.

Step 11: Biographic. Answer the questions. Then select Save and

Continue. (Answering these questions is optional.)

Step 12: Miscellaneous. Read and answer the questions carefully. Then select Save and Continue.

Step 13: Religion. Fill in/verify the information. If you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, select “Latter-day Saint” for your Religious Affiliation. When selecting your Ward/Branch/Unit Name, select anywhere on the text field to open a new webpage. Follow the “Search Instruction” to find your ward or branch.

You will use the same type of search function for finding your mission name if you served. (If you cannot find your exact mission, choose one close to the area where you served.)

Then select “Save and Continue”

Step 14: Educational History. Based on your response on the Educational Summary portion of the application, you may see different sections or fields than what is shown on this tutorial. Fill in the information to each section/question to the best of your knowledge. Then select Save and Continue.

Helpful tips for the Educational History section:

  • If you completed, or will complete, PathwayConnect, it should be listed as a College/University. If it is not already showing, search for it by selecting the Name field, then searching for United States>Idaho>Pathway Program.
  • If you completed any credits at a United States accredited college/university, you are required to list them. You will also be required to submit official transcripts for each school you attended (except for PathwayConnect). You will find instruction on where to have your transcripts sent on the right side of the College/University page, as well as on the Status page of the application.
  • If you completed PathwayConnect and have credits at a school that is NOT an accredited United States college/university (most international colleges/universities), DO NOT list these schools in your application. If you want to have your transcripts for these schools evaluated for possible BYU-Idaho credit, you will be able to do that at a later time.
  • If you do not know the amount of college/university credits you have earned at a school, we suggest you estimate a little high.

Step 15: Endorsement. Read the directions and select Begin


A new page will open with instructions about completing the endorsement. On the first page, select Student>Applicant>then select the blue text beginning with, “I am applying, returning…”

Read the Honor Code information, then fill out the information to find who your endorsement should go to. Choose Select next to the correct information to go to the next page.

You will then see a confirmation informing you your endorsement request has been sent. We recommend selecting the “print these instructions” link to print, or take a screenshot/picture, of the information and provide it to your ecclesiastical leader. You can now close this window/tab and return to your application. (Do not select Cancel this Endorsement Request if you are just trying to exit the page)

Note: It is now your responsibility to reach out to your ecclesiastical leader (usually Bishop or Branch President) to schedule an endorsement interview. If your leader cannot find your endorsement in their system, ask them to sign in as a “Leader” at

After Returning to the application page, select Save and Continue.

Step 16: Status. This page will show you which parts of the application you have finished and which parts you need to finish (if any). You will not be able to submit your application until each part is completed. If you see a part that is “Incomplete” select “show more” under the section name and continue that section. You will need to check back often to see when everything is complete. (See the bullets below for possible delays.) Once your application is complete, select “Submit Application.”

  • Your Ecclesiastical Endorsement will remain incomplete until your leaders submit their recommendations.
  • If you are required to send in transcripts, test scores, etc., that section will remain incomplete until these items have been received and processed. This process can take a few weeks, so please be patient. If you feel there is an error in processing these, contact BYU-Pathway support for assistance.

Please feel free to contact the BYU-Pathway Support Center if you have any questions about the steps in this application.


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