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How Do I Save Or Export My Cmap?

Saving your Cmap is important so you can work on it again later. Saving and exporting Cmaps are two different things. Exporting Cmaps turns the file type of your Cmap into a different type (e.g. pdf, jpeg).

Saving Your Cmap

Go to the top of the window, and click on the file tab.

Select the "Save Cmap As" option.

Follow the instructions for saving your Cmap.

Note: By saving your Cmap this way, the file format is only able to be opened using Cmap.

When you save a Cmap, the default location for storage is in a specific place, usually within a folder in your Documents folder. Within the Documents folder, there should be a seperate folder called "My Cmaps," where you should be able to locate your Cmaps to move them, or attach to an email.

By double clicking on the "My Cmaps" folder, you will be able to access all of your Cmaps that you have saved.

Exporting Your Cmap

Click on the File tab.

Hold your cursor over the "Export Cmap As" option.

Select the type of file you wish you export your Cmap as.

The most common and useful of these options are image files and PDFs. It's probably a good idea to ignore the others unless you know what they do.

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