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How Do I Download And Install CmapTools?

This article walks you through the steps of downloading and installing CmapTools onto your computer.

Downloading CmapTools

Be Careful

Do not click on any of these options. They are not necessary for you to download CMap.

Scroll further down the page to enter your information.

Information Page

  1. Type in your email address that you wish your account to be registered with.
  2. Enter your First Name.
  3. Enter your Last Name.
  4. Click on the arrows on the side and select "higher education".
  5. If you want to, you can enter in BYU-Idaho as you organization, but this is not required.
  6. Click on the arrows on the side and select the country you are in.
  7. Click on the arrows on the side and select which Operating System you will be using. This will be either Windows, Mac or Linux.
  8. Type in the answer to the math problem.
  9. Either click or unclick this box depending on whether you want to be part of the CmapTools mailing list.
  10. When all information is entered click the Submit button.

Download Options

This page has what system requirements you need to install CmapTools on your computer.

  1. Click one of these two buttons if you are installing onto a computer running Windows (It doesn't matter which button).
  2. Click one of these two buttons if you are installing onto a Mac (It doesn't matter which button).
  3. Click one of these two buttons if you are installing onto a computer running Linux (It doesn't matter which button).

After selecting one of these options, the program will download onto your computer.

Note: This does not mean that it has been installed on your computer.

Installing CmapTools

Mac Install Problems

You may get this message when you open and run the file downloaded in the previous step.

If this happens to you, follow this link: https://support.apple.com/kb/dl1572?locale=en_US

Java Download and Install

Click the Download button.

Open the Download and run the application.

Follow the instructions for installing.

Installing CmapTools

Double click the installer app for CmapTools.

Setup Page

This setup window should then pop up.

Click the Next button to begin installation.

Click "I accept..." on the License Agreement page and press next.

Configuration Page of Setup

In the next window, select the Typical Configuration as this is good enough for most users.

Press the Next button until you reach the following page:

Shortcut Options for Setup

In order to have easy access to CmapTools, select where you wish the shortcut icon to go. If you do not wish to have a shortcut icon, select "Don't create aliases."

Press Next.

Install CmapTools

This window shows the installation information for CmapTools. Press the Install button. This will begin the installation process.

All Finished

After installation is complete, this window will appear. Simply click the Next button and CmapTools will finish installing onto your computer.

Cmap Icon

In order to open CmapTools look for the following icon and double click on it.

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