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How Do I Create a Realtime Board Account?

Realtime Board is an online whiteboard tool that can be used to collaborate with many people at the same time. It is particularly useful in an online classroom setting. A teacher can post a question and students can post with their answers. This tutorial will explain how to create a Realtime Board account in order to have access to shared Realtime Boards or create your own.


Go to this website: https://realtimeboard.com/

Sign Up

Click on the Sign Up button in the top right corner of the window.

Getting Started

  1. Type in your Name, Email, and a Password you will remember.
  2. Click "get started now."

Team Details

Input your team name and company size.

Your company size will most likely be 1.

Click next.

Who's On Your Team?

If there are people you want to invite to view your boards, enter their emails here, or copy and paste the link and share it with who you want to invite to your team.

If you have no one to invite (that's fine), press next.

Tell Us About Yourself

Fill out this page. You will most likely use RealtimeBoard to Teach Others.

Your Role

If you are a student, select the student option. If you are a teacher, select that option.

Click continue.

Watch the Video

Watch the video for a short tutorial about RealtimeBoard.

Press start.

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