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How Do I Sync My Presentation?

After your Powerpoint and video are both loaded into Zentation, you need to go in and sync the two together to make a combined presentation. This tutorial will show you how.


Under your "my home" tab, click the sync option for the video you want put together.

This is the sync window. From here you can match slides with your video. Your video will play in the top left corner. All of your slides are on the right of the video.

Matching Slides to Video

  1. You can manually input a time from your video that you want your slide to play at.
  2. As you are watching your video, you can use this option to automatically set the time for your slide based on the time of your video.

Note: The start point time will automatically be set proportionately according to the ratio of slides to time in the video. To change this, you must either change it manually or use the "set time" option.

Viewing Your Presentation

  1. After you have synced your presentation, you can click on this option to view the presentation. Your presentation will be saved automatically.

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