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How Do I Create a Tagul Word Cloud?

Tagul is a webiste where you can create word art by using a list of words and selecting different attributes about the shape you want to create. This tutorial will help you use Tagul to create word art.


Go to this website: https://tagul.com/


Click on the create button.


  1. Use this option to import words from an external source.
  2. To add a word manually, use this button.
  3. To remove a word, click here.
  4. Click visualize to create your word art.

You can also alter the font, color, and size by clicking on each of those aspects for those words.


These options are used to customize your Tagul.


Select the shape you wish your word art to be.


Check the box for which font you want to use.


  1. Choose how you want your words to appear in the art.
  2. These options let you customize how many words you want in your art. The define option lets you choose a specific amount.
  3. You can choose to either let Tagul decide the word size for you, or it can use the sizes that were put in at the words table.

Colors and Animations

In this tab, you can customize the different colors of your word art.

Download and Share

There are very few options for sharing without creating an account first.

The most useful of these options is Downloading PNG image. This is a picture file.

You can create an account for free, but there will still be options that are only available by having a membership with Tagul.

Created by Kevin