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How Do I Access Google Sites?

As silly as this tutorial sounds, the link to access Google Sites does not seem to work anymore. Therefore, in order to get to Sites, you need to follow a link or put the name of the website in your browser. This tutorial will provide you with the link. It is recommended that you save this somewhere. It will also show you how you are supposed to be able to access Sites if the normal way worked. Who knows, maybe it will work for you!


Go to www.google.com.

Google Apps

Click on the square made of nine squares.


Click on more.

Even More From Google

Click on Even more from Google.

See All Products

Scroll down until you see "See all products."


Scroll down a little more until you see Sites.

Click on Sites.

At this point, if you click on sites, it may take you back to the Google home page. If this is the case, follow this link:


In order to access Sites, you must have a google account. If you do not already have a google account, you must create one before you proceed.

Google Sites

After logging in to your Google account, you will be able to access previous sites made through Google and create new ones.

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