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How Do I Share My VoiceThread?

Once you have created a VoiceThread project, you will most likely want to share it. There are several different options that go along with this. The following tutorial will show how to share your project as well as explain some of the different options.

Sharing Your VoiceThread Project

Click on the Share arrow.

Share This VoiceThread

There are three options for how to share your VoiceThread:

  1. Sharing the link.
  2. Embedding the code.
  3. Posting on social media.
  1. Click on the Copy Link option. This will copy the link to your clipboard. You can then paste the link wherever you would like.
  2. By checking this box, you allow anyone with the link to view your VoiceThread. Without the box checked, only you can view it.
  3. Checking this box allows anyone with the link to comment on your VoiceThread.

Note: You cannot have only the comment box checked. If you check the comment box, it will automatically check the view box as well.


  1. Click the Copy Embed Code to copy the code onto your clipboard. This can then pasted into a website, or other program you wish to embed the code into.
  2. This box shows what the code looks like. You cannot copy this however, you must click the button.

The options for sharing and commenting are the same for embedding a video as sharing the link.

Changing Size

  1. You can change the size of how your VoiceThread will be played in by clicking on the arrows on the side of this box and selecting one of the pre-set options.
  2. Create a custom size by typing in specifications in these two boxes.
  3. This box shows you an example of what the screen will look like.


With the Post option, you can either share on Facebook or Twitter.

To do this, click on either the Facebook or Twitter icon.

Note: Sharing to a social network will allow anyone to view and comment on your VoiceThread.

Who Has Access

  1. Click on the Who has access tab.
  2. Click on the arrow next to the comment icon to change privacy settings for your VoiceThread.
  3. Check the box if you want your VoiceThread to be searchable on the VoiceThread browse page.
  4. Be sure to save your changes before you leave this screen.

Other Features


You can export voicethreads to different formats, however you will have to pay for export credits in order to do so.

If you click on the Export option, it will take you through different steps in order to purchase and use export credits.


In order to make your VoiceThread more secure while sharing it, you must upgrade your account. This will cost money.

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