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How Do I Comment On Media In VoiceThread?

The primary purpose of VoiceThread is to make commentary on different media types. This tutorial will show you how to comment on your imported media in varying ways.

Commenting on VoiceThread

To comment on your media, click on the comment button.

Comment Options

Click on the comment tab at the bottom of the page to view the comment options.

Options Continued

There are five options to add comments to your media:

  1. Type a text comment.
  2. Make a comment using your phone.
  3. Record an audio comment.
  4. Record a video comment.
  5. Upload a comment.

Type a Text Comment

Click on the ABC option and a new window will appear.

Text Box

Type your comment in the space below the text.

Press save.

Find Your Comment

Your comment will appear on the left side of the page.

Hover your cursor over the box with your initials to view your comment or any other comments.

Make a Comment Using Your Phone

Click on the telephone symbol to insert a comment with your phone.

Phone Information Box

Enter your phone number.

Click Call Me.

Find Your Comment

Follow the instructions given over the phone, and your comment will appear at the bottom of the screen next to the play button.

Press the play button to hear your comment.

Note: It may take a little while for the internet to connect to your phone using this option. Also, make sure you answer the phone call when you get it.

Record an Audio Comment

Click on the microphone symbol to add an audio comment.

Permission Box

Click allow in order to add an audio recording.


A countdown will appear starting at four. When it reaches zero, it will automatically start recording.

Drawing on Media

  1. You can draw on the screen with your mouse as you talk about what you are doing.
  2. These two options allow you to change the color and style of your marking tool.
  3. Using these two arrows, you can move throughout your media and make notes on the different pages as you go.
  4. Press the Stop Recording option whenever you are finished adding an audio comment.

Record a Video Comment

Click on the camera symbol to add a video comment.

Permission Box

Click allow in order to add a video recording.

Follow the same instructions for adding an audio recording. The only difference with this is it will take a video of you through your webcam as you talk. The video shows up on the left part of the screen.

Upload a Comment

Click on the upload icon to upload a comment.

Selecting a File

Select the file that you wish to upload.

Click open.

This will upload your file as a comment for your media.

A free VoiceThread account will only allow you to upload a file that is 25MB or less.

Watching Your VoiceThread

To watch your VoiceThread, click on the X in the top right corner of the screen.

Go Home

Click on the home button in the top right corner.

Playing Your VoiceThread

On the home screen, you will see the VoiceThreads you have created.

Click on the play button to watch your VoiceThread.

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