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How Do I Create A VoiceThread Account?

VoiceThread allows video commentary on different types of media (i.e. videos, documents, audio clips, pictures). It is better than plain text commentary because it can allow conversations and feedback to have emotion. It is an online tool that stores these conversations in the Cloud.

The Website

Follow this link to go to the main VoiceThread website: https://voicethread.com/

This is the main page of VoiceThread.

Click on the Register button in the top right corner to begin creating an account.


  1. Type in your First Name.
  2. Type in your Last Name.
  3. Type in your Email Address.
  4. Re-enter your Email Address.
  5. Create a password that you will remember.
  6. Re-enter your password.
  7. Click on the Register button to continue.

Email Sent

  1. This is the email that VoiceThread sent the activation link to. It is the same email you used to register for your account.
  2. If you did not receive the email, click on the click here option to resend it.

The Email

This is the email that you should have received from VoiceThread.

To activate your account, click on the link.


Upon following the link, it will take you to this window telling you that your account has been activated.

Click on the sign in option to log into your account.

Signing In

Enter the same email that you used before.

Enter your password.

Click the Sign In button to be logged into VoiceThread.

Sign In Main Page

The next time you go to the VoiceThread website, you can simply click on the Sign In option to log in.

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