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How Do I Create a Cmap?

CmapTools is a concept map program that allows you to brainstorm thoughts and connect ideas easily on your computer. Using Cmap is easy and is a good way to organize your thoughts.

Opening CmapTools

Look for this icon on your desktop.

If this is not on the Desktop, look in your Dock for Mac or look in the Start Menu for Windows.

When you have located this file, either double click it if it is on the desktop, or single click it if you found it in the Dock or Start Menu.

Loading Window

If done correctly, this window will appear on your screen as CmapTools opens and loads. This should only take a few seconds.

Cmap Main Window

Once CmapTools has finished opening, these two windows will appear and replace the previous one.

  1. This window is where your Cmaps will be shown when you first open the progam. After you have saved your Cmap you can access it again from this location. It also has access to sharing capabilities and other information about your Cmaps, though these are not used very often.
  2. This window is where your Cmap will actually be built. A blank Cmap will open if you do not have any saved. If you have saved Cmaps on your computer, the blank Cmap window will not open upon running CmapTools.

Creating a New Cmap

  1. To create a new Cmap, go up to the top left corner of the screen and click "File."
  2. Click "New Cmap," and this will open a blank Cmap in a new window.

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