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How Do I Complete a Mail Merge?

The Mail Merge function allows you to combine information in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. The function is most often used to create letters, but can have other purposes as well. This article will show you how to merge a document in Microsoft Excel with a document in Microsoft Word.

Create an Excel Document

1. Make an Excel Document with the information that you wish to use in your mail merge.

2. Make sure to have headings that title each section.

Save the Excel File

1. Click the "File" button.

2. Click the "Save As" button.

Name the File

1. Name the file something that you will remember.

2. Click the "Save" button.

Create a Word Document

Create a Word Document. Leave spaces where you want to insert your data fields. These are the spaces where information specific to each person will go.

Combine the Excel Document and the Word Document

1. Select the "Mailings" tab in the tool bar.

2. Select the "Select Recipients" tab. A drop down menu will appear.

Select the "Use an Existing List" button. This will allow you to select which document you would like to merge.

Select the Document

A window will open.

1. Select the file that you just created and saved in Excel.

2. Click the "Open" button.

Warning Window

Select "OK" when this window pops up.

Open the Workbook

The "Cell Range" default setting is "Entire Worksheet". Do not change any settings.

Select "OK" to combine your Excel Workbook with the Word Document that you have created.

Starting the Merge

Put the cursor where you want the first Merge Field to appear.

Insert the Merge Field

Select the "Insert Merge Field" button in the toolbar.

Choosing the Field

Select the field you wish to insert into your document. Again, it will automatically insert where you have your cursor.

The Inserted Field

This is what the inserted field will look like.

Completing the Merge

When your letter is completed, it will look similar to this, with the fields in place of the spaces that you left in your document.

Complete the Merge

Select the "Finish & Merge" button on the right.

A dropdown menu will appear. Select the "Edit Individual Documents..." option.

Merged Documents

Several documents will appear. The information from your spreadsheet has been combined with the information in your word document. If you scroll through the documents, you will find that each one is different.

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